stain samplesOur goal is to make sure that new hardwood flooring will compliment your home’s decor and will bring warmth to your house.
photo of stain samples. We have 28 stain colors available and we can also mix and blend any color you desire. All our stain selections are done on your floor. We usually will apply 4-5 sample colors to your floor for you to choose from. For darker, deeper and richer colors we are using wood conditioning technique. It can also be described as “grain popping”. This floor staining method includes liquid application to sanded and buffed hardwood floor to raise the wood grain for deeper stain penetration. The result will have much darker wood tone than non “popped” stains. As you can see on image above, there are 5 stain samples applied on regular and conditioned wood flooring. Conditioned wood will have much deeper stain penetration.

Most Popular Hardwood Flooring Stain Colors:

Hardwood Flooring Stain Colors