Hardwood installation

Chicagolandwoodfloor has earned it’s reputation from a willingness to work closely with each and every customer to capture the look and feel of their dream floor. We can install any domestic or exotic hardwood, site-finished or prefinished wood flooring, solid or engineered hardwood flooring. Nail-down, glue-down or floating laminate flooring.
As much as we would like to work with custom hardwood installation projects, most of our wood flooring installation customers are homeowners. Removing the old, worn out carpet and blending in the new hardwood flooring is what we are doing in daily basis. Our hardwood flooring installation team knows how to respect customers property and keep it clean and safe trough out the process.
Our hardwood floor installation team is extremely talented and well qualified for any wood flooring installation project.

Custom home builders and designers know us, when it comes to complicated custom patterns, decorative borders and overall unmatched attention to the detail.
Quality hardwood flooring installation is not only in labor, it’s very important to select the best wood flooring supplier, who can guarantee the quality of the wood. We are working very closely with A-American Custom Flooring, who is one of the largest hardwood flooring supplier in the United States. We can guarantee that our hardwood flooring is properly milled, dried and acclimated prior to the installation.

Green Step Flooring, Inc. is known to provide a unique experience when selecting the color and staining Your hardwood flooring. We take a personal approach to every single floor we stain, to make sure you are satisfied with the color. It takes an expert to know wood species and how the floor stain absorbs into the wood grain.

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– Adequate acclimation of a floor – The flooring material MUST be installed at environmental conditions that mirror your normal living conditions, especially the temperature. Acclimation in your garage is a big mistake.
– Quality milling – The accuracy of milling on a hardwood floor is essential to avoid seasonal gaps and loose boards over time.
– Cleats or staples – The species of material can be greatly impacted by the type of fastener. Staples are prone to split dense exotic materials. If you are installing a material such as an exotic wood floor ask about this point.
– Glue down installation – proper installation of a floor that is being glued down quite often requires the use of sand bags to insure thorough adhesion.
– Plank floors (3-1/4” or wider) – it is industry standard to glue and nail all plank wood flooring 5” and wider in order to properly secure the wood flooring to the subfloor. We recommend that all wood floors wider than 3-1/4” be glued and nailed into place.
– Serviceability – If you purchase many materials from uneducated suppliers they will not address how many times you can refinish the floor and if it is even possible. Get the most value for your money.


– Quality hardwood floors are created in the finishing process. At The Hardwood Flooring Co. we prefer to hard plate all of our floors to insure a smooth, flat finish that is not achieved with conventional sanding practices.
– A wood floor installation will actually create more dust than a hardwood floor refinish with dust collection equipment.
– Dust collection is a more accurate description of the hardwood floor refinishing process that involves vacuums attached to sanders.
– With effective dust collection at hand we still do a light vacuum and wipe down of millwork after sanding to insure proper jobsite etiquette.
– Wood floor finishes vary immensely in durability and price is a factor in quality.
– When comparing estimates if a competing contractor is unwilling to share the manufacturer name and product name, then you are likely getting an inferior product.
– If you focus only on square foot price you may exclude higher quality companies that may be more competitive in terms of value.