Dustless Refinishing

Sanding hardwood floors used to be a dust nightmare. Not anymore!

Using an Atomic Dust Containment System, our team can make your floors look like new – or even better – in a matter of just days. As the sanding machines remove the finish and top layer of wood from your hardwood floors, the dust generated is captured and contained. The dust is sealed in a portable drum inside, or removed from the house completely and ushered into a container in a trailer outside. Both options provide superior dust-collection and improve the final appearance of your hardwood floor.
Removing the airborne dust from the home eliminates the likelihood of dust contaminating the finish as it dries. Traditional methods produce dust that is not contained, and once trapped in the air, it can easily settle onto the floor before the finish or polyurethane causing a slightly flawed hardwood floor.
Allergy suffers benefit greatly from the Dustless Refinishing process, as the elimination of dust in the air will keep the air cleaner and allergen-free. Anyone suffering from respiratory illness can benefit from this technique as well. Not to mention infants and small children who are more susceptible to respiratory-related issues such as allergies and the common cold.
Using environmentally friendly and responsible products, we repair dents and damage before applying durable, waterborne stains and finishes. The steadfast, long-lasting polyurethane used will not turn yellow as it ages.
Whether you plan to repair damage, change the color of your hardwood floor or even just want to freshen its look, Dustless Refinishing produces the desired results without the dust.
Routine maintenance:
With today’s advances in wood flooring stains and finishes, cleaning your wood floors has never been easier. Regular maintenance requires little more than sweeping with a soft bristle broom and vacuuming with a soft floor attachment if your floor includes a beveled edge that could collect debris. You should also clean your floors periodically with a professional wood floor cleaning product such as Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
Preventive Maintenance:
There are other steps you can take to minimize maintenance and maintain the beauty of your wood floors as well.

– Self polishing acrylics, waxes and oils cause wood to become slippery and appear dull quickly also making it necessary to strip your floors before they can be recoated. Use the proper wood floor cleaner instead.
– Use throw rugs both inside and outside of doorways to help prevent grit, dirt and other debris from being tracked onto your wood floors.
– Do not wet mop or wood floor.
– Wipe up spills immediately.
– Put soft plastic or fabric-faced glides under the legs of furniture to prevent scuffing or scratching.
– Avoid walking on your floors with cleats, sports shoes and high heels. This kind of impact can dent any floor surface.
– For wood flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, place an area rug in front of sinks, dishwasher and refrigerator whenever possible.
– Use a humidifier throughout the winter months to minimize cracks or gaps.
– If you have pets, keep their nails trimmed regularly. Pet urine can spot wood floor finish, penetrate into the wood and leave a stain.
– Sunlight can cause discoloration over time. Curtains, blinds and sheer drapes help protect your floors from intense UV rays. You can also have your windows tinted with a UV tint.
– You will want to have a fresh coat of finish put on your floor every five years or sooner if you see the finish wearing thin in the high traffic areas. Do not wait until they have worn down to bare would, at that point they will need to be re-sanded.